Saturday, November 24, 2012


Commencement (Hellsbane, #0)Commencement (Hellsbane, #0)Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn for frat guys…

Emma Jane Hellsbane knows something evil is worming its way through her college campus—she can feel it. Literally. Her freakish ability to feel other people’s emotions as though they were her own has always been monumentally awkward, and it’s easier for her to just pretend it doesn’t exist. But this time her paranormal ability just might help her save lives. 

Emma Jane’s fairly certain that whatever the hateful, egomaniacal, Godlike thing is, it’s set up shop inside her boyfriend, the frat boy/soccer star Justin. And if she doesn’t figure a way to get it out of him soon, Justin’s soul will be the appetizer to the main course—the whole student body. Problem is, the big baddy is granting sinister wishes, and with each one the risks grow higher and the phrase Be careful what you wish for becomes a real-life dire warning. Of course for Emma, what feels like it could be the end is in fact just the beginning…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My Review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Emma has some guts! Let me just say that. I mean she finds out her boyfriend has some creature living inside of him and she is determined to get it out of him. Holy cow. I would never in a million years. I would run away screaming like a baby. I loved how this book was set up and the creativity of it. I want to ask Paige Cuccaro how she came up with this idea. It's quite amazing. Anyways I give this book a 5/5. It kept me wanting to read this book over and over again. Wait, I want to read the next one. Yes I do. Lastly, I want to know how Emma got the power to feel other people's feelings.. Was she just born with them or did something happen that she doesn't remember?

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