Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Black Stiletto

Could Martin Talbot's elderly, Alzheimer-stricken mother, Judy, really have been the Black Stiletto? When Martin discovers several volumes of her diaries hidden by his mother, he is stunned beyond all imagination. His mother, the underground heroine of yesteryear? The famed, still unidentified woman who battled Communist spies, took on the Mafia, and preyed on common crooks? The woman who exacted punishment on evildoers without mercy?But it is all described, in great detail, in the diaries. What caused her to begin her quest for justice. Her decision to act outside the law. Her feats as the famed and feared vigilante. How her reputation exploded. In short, how it all played out.

Could it be true? Talbot is filled with doubt and disbelief. But the reappearance of one of the Stiletto's old enemies with a thirst for merciless revenge makes the story more than real and could imperil the life of not only the Stiletto, but her son and granddaughter as well

                                                                                           My Review
The Black Stiletto.. Ahh. Well this book was AH MAZING!! Let me tell you. I wish I was her. She is amazing. In my personal opinion I loved that the book kept you in suspense. I don't normally read books like this, but I loved it. My favorite part is when she went back to Odessa, Texas. I started crying when she found out about her mom.. I swear that moment in the diary was just a plain heartbreak in my opinion.
 Another one of my favorites, is when she started dating Fiorello Bonacini. I swear he was such a gentleman for being apart of the Mafia. Yes, I know that the mafia is terrible, but it protected him and her for awhile. It was his fault that he died, but I dont think he should have died that way at all. I was very glad win Judy Cooper got her revenge on the twins. I think they both should have died but still.
I give this book a 5 out of 5.

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