Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No Ordinary Excuse

‘I put on my imaginary thinking cap. Mine is a hot pink, domed helmet with purple lightning bolts on the sides. It pulls down from a long spring coil above my bed… So with my cap in place, I started thinking of possible homework excuses. Maybe I could tell Miss Haven that I’d spent the last two weeks under alien hypnosis and they’d erased any memory of a school project…’

Meet twelve year old Gemma Martin. She wants to be an actress, but school is getting in the way. Gemma has used all of the usual excuses to avoid her homework, but this time she’s facing serious consequences and must rely on her vivid imagination to create the most extraordinary homework excuse ever. Initially, Gemma’s stolen project story skyrockets her popularity, but it isn’t long before things start to spiral out of control and Gemma is headed for disaster. No Ordinary Excuse is the story of how our biggest mistakes are often our greatest teachers.

                                                                                                   My Review
Gemma Martin is a marvelous girl. She is quit intelligent, but doesn't use it. Her aunt sets this system up with her teacher that makes her use her brain. She is a girl that doesn't ever do her homework, but she promised her parents she would try harder. Well, that all went down hill when she didn't turn in her final project. I loved how Michelle Adams set the book up. (Spoiler) It was a flashback, but you don't realize that until the end. 
 My favorite part is how the end. How she drops theatre, and starts writing. Well, I'm a drama kid and you CAN'T do english without theatre. Vice versa
 Any ways I give this book a 5 out of 5. I loved this book.

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