Monday, October 1, 2012

The Gossip Web
By:Chelsea Lynn Charters
Format:Kindle Edition
Published:July 31, 2012
GoodReads/Amazon Summary

Jade Cannon's life is a mess. She's the laughing stock of West Havenbrook High, and is hopelessly in love with Trace Gibson, the boy every girl dreams about---but that's not the worst part. Her father is dating a beautiful young woman named Erika, whom Jade is convinced is after his money.
Nothing seems to be going Jade's way....Not after Trace asks her to the dance, or even when he claims his undying love for her. As Jade struggles with her fears and her innermost desires, she eventually realizes that the only true obstacle standing in the way of her happiness is herself.
                           *A Copy was provided by Chelsea Charters For Review Purposes*
  This book is similar to some of the books I have read before, but not identical. Charters uses an array of information and details about the characters to make you feelike you are connected with the characters. I would consider this book a quick and easy read. To classify the genre, it would have to be realistic fiction.
   The way Charters writes, makes you not want to put the book down. I was up till 1:30am last night reading it. I wanted to find out about what was happening between Trace and Jade. Also, there's the sneaking suspension of Jade being kinda paranoid about everything. it shows that she has been hurt way to much, and is scared to let people into her heart.
   One of the downsides to this book, is that there are a few misspelled words. I understand that we all miss words sometimes, but when you're reading a book it kind of throws your brain off the tracks.
  Another suspecting thing that will most likely nag at the back of your brain the whole book, is what did Jade ever do to Gloria. There has to be some resentment or jealousy somewhere. It's one of those questions that flows through your mind while reading this book.
I would give this book a 4out of 5, because of the suspense of always wanting to know more abou the book, but the misspelled or non placement of words really threw me off sometimes. Anyways, it was overall a really good book and I would recommened it to people.


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